Not as sore this morning as I’d expected–my calves are occasionally twinging sullenly, but that’s about it. Tentative buyer lined up for the big Cardinal piece, which was a great morning pick-me up–gotta clear it with a friend who’d made prior interested noises and see if he still wants it, since he has first crack, but either way, it’s all good, and the check for the Slug Totem arrived yesterday, so life is beautiful. Got a Digger done yesterday, so today can be devoted to dog-grooming wizards and pirate booty.

It’s wet out. It poured last night, and the rain on deck, both drumming on the slats and more irregularly dripping and thunking from the eaves and the little plant stand all combined to make what sounded a great deal like eating noises. The whole effect was like trying to sleep with the cat chowing down on cat food right next to your head, only louder, with an element of cat-knocking-things-down thrown in, except omnidirectional and soggy. I had to cast it in terms of catness, or else it would have sounded like a monsterous Thing eating the deck outside the window, and that would’ve been rather disturbing to sleep on.

The wet is not deterring the pine siskins, who are all fluffed up in little streaky brown bundles and making gruff little chirps. The regular nuthatch is also in residence, (nuthatch heads look like badger stripes. A badger and a nuthatch would look good together) and the downy woodpecker and Carolina wren are picking at opposite sides of the suet. They both have white stripes running horizontal across the eye, so it’s a neat effect, as if the stripe goes from one bird to the other.

It’s an uneventful working morning, really. And those are neccessary, and make up the majority of our days on earth, so I’ll say no more about it.

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