Today started out with a bang, as James set my coffee cup down on my desk and I promptly knocked it over, sending scalding coffee cascading across my keyboard, desk, and thighs. The little birds at the feeder got more of a show than they probably wanted, as I did the frantic get-out-of-burning-jeans dance, while making that “AH! AH! AH!” noise of someone who can feel their flesh starting to cook. It’s probably a tribute to my rapid disrobing skills that I emerged unscathed.

My keyboard, however, was both soggy and then the glue holding the little key dealies on melted, so we gave it up as a lost cause and went and picked up a fresh one. I am glad, once again, that I no longer have my ancient Amiga, where a dead keyboard meant a dead computer. Whereas now, for a mere twenty bucks, I can acquire a perfectly serviceable replacement, instead of having to shell out for a new machine.

‘Course, these days, an Amiga 500 can’t be much more than twenty bucks anyway, but that’s neither here nor there.

Still playing Temple of Elemental Evil. Hmm. I dunno. It’s not bad, but…well…there’s no PLOT. I mean, I love subquests. I’ll do the subquest dance until the cows come home. But there also has to be a main quest, or else there’s no real point–I’m just a party of weirdos lurking in town spying on people and marrying off the farmer’s daughters. (Seriously, half the quests are matchmaking. I can’t help but wonder if I’d really want to get married on the say-so of a group of guys covered in orc guts and zombie chitlings.) There doesn’t really seem to be anything that I’m supposed to DO, though. I realize that I’m comparing it–perhaps unfairly–to Baldur’s Gate, against which it can’t help but measure up pretty poorly, but it’s just not holdin’ up, and despite patching, it still has some funky buggy bits too. I dunno. I’ll keep giving it a shot, since James insists that I spend at least part of the weekend relaxing and playing games, lest I court burnout yet again, but it had better pick up here shortly.

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