One of the minor sorrows of lack of reliable net is that I’ve mostly stopped reading Elfwood comments–I get the comment mailing, but opening ’em is tedious and slow and since my ego can fast for weeks at a time without feeding, I usually don’t bother. However, today while waiting for my computer to save (400 dpi wraparound covers are hard on the ‘ol processor) I idily clicked one on James’s machine, and found this gem:

+—————————————- –
| At Tue Feb 10 02:39:37 2004
| (Name Deleted)
| ()
| IP#:
| Referring to: ursula/babylon.jpg
| “Why do people draw naked girls….Maybe because they never
| could get a girl who looks like that…What a waste of a
| good artist…..”

I got a vague chuckle out of that and replied politely I wouldn’t know what to do with a girl that looked like that anyway, being female, straight, and married to boot.

The reply was

I’m so sorry I thought u were one of those guys who like to draw women……
No I’m not Gay never was… SO SORRY
God Bless

*muse* While the apology is accepted with no hard feelings, I am left wondering why they felt obligated to assure me that they weren’t gay.

Annnnyway, DSL is STILL not up. Evidentally the guy that was supposed to fix it didn’t bother to look at his work order today. (This was the actual explanation given to us.) I managed to get some Diggers uploaded via dial-up. That was…interesting. But at least that’s staved off for another week, which is something.

Hopefully it’ll get up in the next day or two. I am remaining relentlessly optimistic, as if I had killed and eaten Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm or something. It can’t last, but for now, I’m holdin’ up.

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