Today, I was gonna accomplish Things! I was gonna see the old year off right by getting art done and packing done and working on repainting this old planter, and generally finishing the year off with a productive bang so that I went into 2004 feeling good about myself.

And instead I got a aura migraine–nothing really exciting for pain, but lotsa sparkly vision distortion, huge neon-herringbone flaw across the left eye, peripheral vision gone into pyrite fog–and spent a few solid hours laying in bed with the cat. But hey, them’s the breaks, and it’s mostly over now except for the occasional hazy bit. At least it was today, not tomorrow, when it might have been a Dire Omen of Things To Come.

And I did manage to get laundry done and my sculpture stuff packed–the first packing of the move!–and at least got the planter cleaned and the paint bought, and I’m lookin’ solid on finishing another Digger tonight, so it wasn’t a total loss, and tomorrow should be good. (I’m through the first week of Febuary for Digger strips, so I only need three or four more and I should be set for the move–I’ve been cranking out one every day and a half or so for the past week, despite James’s folks being in town, so that, at least, is under control.

Having been to about fifty galleries this past weekend–James’s mom’s a very good artist and wanted to visit ’em–I have a ramble percolating about my growing itch to do non-realism. And I think that’ll be a good rant to bring in the new year tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes.

Happy New Year!

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