Continuing with my unhealthy fascination with the Lord of the Rings (and Weaving as Elrond,) I’ve got another one for you Tolkeinophiles which, oddly enough, doesn’t have that all that much to do with the movie.

Is Elrond a half-elf, or not? I mean, in “The Hobbit” he’s Elrond Half-Elven which I assume is a pretty good indicator that mom and dad were on opposite sides of the pointy-eared divide. But I can’t recall the issue ever coming up. While I was touched by the obvious affection of Elrond for Bilbo in the last scene of ROTK, which was totally in keeping with “The Hobbit,” it also reminded me vaguely of that question. (Actually, I thought Elrond was fabulous in the movies–only Agent Smith could spit out “Men are weak,” with such wonderful superior-race venom. But if he’s a half-elf, what the hell!?)

Also, did he have the other elven ring? Galadriel’s got one, Gandalf’s got the big one, but who owned the third one?

These are the questions that plague my geeky soul…

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