Fellowship of the Ring was on cable tonight, so I’m watching it, for the…errr…fifth or sixth time, I imagine, prepatory to seeing ROTK tomorrow.

And damnit, I know he’s a traitor, I know he’s only in the first movie, but damnit, I like Boromir. He was so much more sympathetic in the movies. It’s not even that, like every male in the movie, he is almost obnoxiously handsome, although of course that doesn’t hurt. (Faramir is also cool in the next flick, mind you, and in much the same way.)

Maybe it’s the good-but-driven-to-ruthlessness thing. I think every RPG character I’ve ever played fell into that category, and wound up doing appallingly bad things in pursuit of their generally-fairly-noble goals. So I can relate. Maybe it’s the heroic last stand, with those arrows the size of frickin’ tree trunks sticking out of his chest.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for a guy with a goatee who can use a sword. I dunno. But in a ‘net swarmed with people wanting to bear Legolas’s elf-puppies, I wanted to state for the record that Boromir is cool, damnit.

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