Today I feel fat and lazy. And that is how you’re supposed to feel following Thanksgiving, so it’s all good.

The turducken was good. The rest of the food was good. The pie was good. It was all good. Upon arriving at my father and stepmom’s house, James vanished into the garage with my father to do arcane things with a wiring harness and Dad’s vintage Jaguar (a car which only a handful of people have ever seen function–I’m one of those select few, and can say that even the small child with absolutely no interest in automobiles that I was will realize that is one COOL car.) I assume that went well–the few times I went out there, it sounded like people disarming a bomb. “Okay–there should be two red wires, and a green wire…” I, meanwhile, got reacquainted with my stepsisters after about ten years, which was nifty–at least, as reacquainted as one can get over a Sisyphean game of Uno and while racing around frantically doing the cooking thing.

Now, I cannot cook. I am in awe of cooking as an art. I am, in fact, a sort of Anti-Cook–bending my attention upon food can cause it to miraculously become more raw, more burnt, and more unfit for human consumption. Molecular bonds in Jello will break and collapse if I lean against the fridge for an extended period of time. I can turn heating a pan of water into Defcon One, through no real fault of my own. James does all the cooking because the alternative is a series of explosions, followed by swearing and then Taco Bell.

So, needless to say, my assistance at dinner preperation was limited to peeling potatoes and running to the store. But the other people in the kitchen, fortunately, knew what they were doing, and the end result was really quite good.

Then we hung out and chatted for awhile, and finally drug on home, deep in the throes of turkey lethargy, to shoot the cat with insulin and lay around going “Shmooooggggllle….” (and other overstuffed noises.)

Given that the last ten Thanksgivings have been spent snarfing takeout Chinese (they’re the only ones open) barring one lovely gourmet turkeyfest at our buddy Chris’s last year, it was really cool to get together with the family (particularly a family that I hadn’t seen in forever.)

And now, I’m gonna spend today lounging around and fiddling with clay, damnit.

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