So I called my mother up t’other day and asked if she ever got the urge to do 3-D.

“Yes,” she said, “but I squelch it immediately.”
“Goodness–why?” I asked.
“I’m afraid I’d enjoy it too much,” she said.

Wise woman. I enjoyed this waaaaay too much. Which leads me, at long last, to the point–I finished the sculpture. Woo!

I dunno–he’s nothing amazing, but for a first attempt at sculpture, he coulda been a lot worse. Has a kind’ve Christensen-meets-Dark-Crystal thing going on. I really enjoyed doing it–whole new set of challenges. (Which isn’t to say that painting isn’t difficult, but it’s the same bits that are difficult, usually.) So for something made for fun, I was pleased. In fact, in the one bit of symbolism intentional to the piece, the coin on top of his staff is an arcade token I picked up at a garage sale and says “For Amusement Only” on it, which I thought was terribly appropriate.

He’s about thirteen inches long, made of polymer clay, wire armature, styrafoam, lead weights, a steel rod, a whole bunch of wire, glue, some little plastic leaves, a lot of fabric, no sewing whatsoever (I have limits!) and a stick. He’s actually pretty hard–the cloth is stiffened in place with this fabric stiffener (rather regrettably named “Stiffy”) that holds it in those particular drapes. It’s cool stuff. His staff is sort’ve stable–it’ll fall over if you poke it too hard, but it stands up to basic vibrations, anyhow.

I had fun. I gotta do some more…

Recognizing that some people can’t see the things up on my server, he’s also at Deviantart, at

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