I should stay off e-bay.

It’s not that I spend money–I’m tapped out at the moment–it’s that I find myself staring at lots of a dozen muskrat skulls and going “Wow! Muskrat skulls! The uses are ENDLESS!” Or dozens of silver milagros fetishes. Or antique postcards.

I’ve been getting these vague, twitchy urges to make pointless abstract sculptures lately. I think I need a hobby. The problem with painting is that it’s my job–I can’t do a painting without a thought, somewhere in the back of my brain, about the ultimate financial worth and marketibility of the end product. It’d be nice to just get some muskrat skulls and start randomly stringing them on Christmas lights with copper wire and bamboo stakes and found objects and not caring whether the result is an incomprehensible mass of unsaleable junk or not. I dunno. I suppose everybody gets those urges occasionally.

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