Okay…following the very kind offers of a number of people, I’m setting up a donation thingy in an effort to raise a little cash to partially defray the cost of having nerves in my tooth yanked out and replaced with concrete.

If you’d like to donate, first of all–thank you! And second, as a sign of my gratitude, include your address, and donations over $5 will recieve a signed sketch of Digger (or Ed, if you’d prefer–if you want Ed, drop a note in the donation)–nothing fancy, but since I am very grateful to people for their help, I wanna share the wombat. And hey, maybe someday, when my body has been found under mysterious and slightly embarassing circumstances, they’ll be worth a fortune!

Thank you again, everybody, and I promise, I won’t ask for money again, unless I am supremely unlucky and have to get a gnu surgically extracted from my spleen or something.

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