Whew, got the skunk done…

The illustration board I’m using has a nice warm slightly-buff tinge to it that makes the white acrylic ink look really really white. Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate to digital as well as I’d like, since I have to level out that tint so that it doesn’t just look like a crappy scan, but ah, well. Can’t have everything, and I suppose it’s the price of using such a media. Gonna live with it for a day or so, then probably put it on Furbid. I decided I couldn’t part with the mole rat, which is probably the first painting ever that I haven’t been eager to sell ASAP, so I popped him in a frame to live in my studio. Must be gettin’ soft in my old age. Still, it’s kinda funny to have him in the same room with my mother’s Still Life With Bear Skull, Cara Mitten’s weirdly alien Dragon Horse and Gryllus’s equally alien Frog Dragon, and of course, the hulking Twigjack canvas which covers most of the wall and stares at my back while I work. I put the mole rat on the nub of wall as you enter so that he wouldn’t feel intimidated. Which is a ridiculous thing to worry about a hunk of illo board with pigment on it, but I stand by my encroaching insanity.

Also, less than a day left on the Cuteness Commission Auction!

And now, I’m gonna go play more Baldur’s Gate, damnit.

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