Put up the fennec for auction, on the principle that too much cute in the studio will cause the room to hit critical mass and explode into a fiery ball of big-eyed shrapnel.


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I hope y’all aren’t getting too bored looking at sketches, but glancing back over the last two weeks, I’m gratified to see that my resolution to sketch more is actually working out. Even if it does provide a slightly more disturbing window into my soul than one could wish…

The naked mole rat tribal shaman summoning the turnip spirit is all spacehyena‘s fault. But I like the idea, damnit. I can see a painting with the tree rooty background and the little ugly shaman. Although the pose isn’t very interesting currently, and I’d need to tweak it a bit. The naked wombrat gryfrog is…err….well, let’s call that a learning experience.

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