Catching Kite-Moths

Odds as it sounds, I think it’s getting harder to photograph my stuff. Some of them come together right away–the kirin took like five minutes–but the last couple have been absolute murder. Couldn’t get the frogscape to photograph to save my life–had to take it outside, finally, on a succession of days, until I got the exact lighting that it wanted. I may try re-shooting this one, since the candle is just too bright, and it’s skewing the feel of the piece.

I’m having so much fun with distorted anatomy, and with this particular mixed media method, that I find myself drawn to the notion of doing a few more little portraits like this one, or maybe even more focused on the face. I sort of shy away from that, since somewhere in my brain a voice is yelling “Portraits BAD! They must all be fully composed with elaborate backgrounds!” But I figure that I’ve earned at least a coupla portraits, and furthermore, since when do I let my brain push me around?

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