Still hard at work on the cardinals. “Digger” got linked from Comixpedia (as what one of the editors was reading) which made me feel warm and fuzzy, since it was next to names like McCloud and Kolchaka, which are some of the literati of webcomics. It’s not a big deal, but it makes me feel good.

Been listening to “A Perfect Circle” again, and then to “Tool”–which takes me back to my angry youth in a pleasant nostalgia, but which has held up remarkably well–I’m not an angry youth, and I still enjoy both. They share a lead singer, who is perhaps unique among angry, heavy rock for having an absolutely beautiful voice, of the sort that you are first born with, and then presumably train obsessively for the next twenty years. This is a rarity in a genre where you can grunt your lyrics and the lead singer is whoever can’t play guitar. Tool is still one of the only bands I’ve ever bothered to go see in concert. (Bear in mind that my musical tastes generally run to folk, Nick Cave and Tom Waits.)

My problem, of course, is that the next Perfect Circle album is coming out, or is out, or something, and I can’t buy it, because I have vowed to rip out my lungs before supporting the recording industry in any fashion after this whole “prosecuting twelve year olds” crap. Same thing with the latest Nick Cave, who is the only OTHER person I’ve ever bothered to see in concert. I will be reduced to scouring used music stores, hoping that someone buys it and then gets rid of it. It may be a long wait.

In the meantime–more sketches!

title or description
Yes, the snail has a navel orange shell. I don’t know either. I try not to worry about these things.
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I don’t know what’s up with the turtle with the hand puppets either.

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