Monthly Archives: September 2003

Just got back from CopperCon, the second day…getting a feeling that nothin’s gonna go in the art show. Ah, well. Everything selling (and indeed the majority of the work there) was very Standard Fantasy–cats, dragons, wolves, naked women with wings/swords/whatsits. (James muttered something about it being very ten years ago, but that’s probably unkind.) So […]

Just woke up from a nap. For some reason, in my dream, in between some really bizarre segments where I attempted (rather calmly) to save a childhood friend from being eaten by ravenous Komodo Bark, and then attempted (much less calmly) to buy smoked gouda and oyster crackers, I dreamed I was walking down the […]

Since the nice people over at Hogshead Publishing don’t mind me showing this around, here’s the cover I did for their Crime Scene sourcebook on the Yakuza. Arm of the Yakuza Meanwhile, I finally got the next Digger put together. The backlog continues! (Graphic Smash will launch on the fifteenth, so not much longer now…) […]

I have always been sort’ve fascinated by the phenomenon of antlered does–about one in ten thousand female deer gets some genetic scrambling, and gets born with antlers. (I attempted to write a story about this once, which foundered utterly when I attempted to come up with a workable deer society. Deer really are vicious sexist […]