Well, I was feeling sorta bummed and drained after CopperCon, so I did what I normally do. As most of y’all are aware, when I’m in a funk–I go to the zoo.

The neat thing about the zoo is that you always catch SOMETHING really well. The first trip I took, I got a dozen shots of the burrowing owls, who were out bein’ cute. Haven’t seen ’em out of their holes since. Another time it was the capybaras, who were swimming around, (haven’t seen them do anything but hang out in their shed since) and somewhere I have a fabulous shot of a Mexican wolf, despite my best efforts to annhilate the shot.

Today it was the coatis. They’re almost never out, but evidentally they fed ’em late or something, so I got a whole bunch of photos–hopefully some will turn out, and if so, I’ll post a few. And they have a baby giraffe at the zoo, which was born a few months ago. At birth, it weight 150lbs and was six feet tall. It’s adorable. Its parents are huuuuge. Most of the other animals weren’t getting around much, since I went later than usual, so it was already hotter than the inside of a cow, and approximately the same humidity, since we’re in the muggy monsoon season here. So I cut the trip a little short, but it was still fun.

And I found a teeny little stuffed naked mole rat in the gift shop. That made me unbearably gleeful all by itself.

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