Been sketching a lot today. This is generally a good thing. Here’s two of the better results:

The Strep Throat Fairy This is all you people’s fault. If you hadn’t encouraged me about about the newt painter, (I’d link to the finished version of that one, but DeviantArt’s up and down like a lemur with a shaky bladder, so it’ll have to wait until they achieve a modicum of stability) I might have left fairy-kind alone. But anyway, my friend kalluna has strep and I was chatting with her and discussing fairies and it wasn’t a far stretch from there. I may watercolor it, since I’m in a mood for that lately, although while someone, somewhere, may someday buy my newt painter, I have serious doubts that anyone wants to adorn their wall with the Strep Throat Fairy. But you never know. Maybe somewhere there’s an ear, nose, and throat doctor with a really odd sense of humor. And anyway, I’ve got Copper Con next month, and since it looks like I’ll get space in the art show, I gotta…have…more…originals…

Wombat Tarot–Page of Swords This is the other one. I’m mostly just going through a guide to the Rider-Waite deck and picking cards that visually appeal to me. People at Trinoc Con kept asking me if I was gonna do the whole deck. While I am not adverse to the notion of doing a full wombat tarot, the notion of all those cards would overwhelm me if I thought for one second that I had to do them all, so I’m deliberately not putting any pressure on the idea for now. (It’s been suggested that I just do the Court Cards and Major Arcana, but I dunno. Back in the long ago pagan days of my misspent youth, I always felt gypped if there wasn’t art on all the cards.

Also spent this morning writing up a proposal for “Digger” including full outline to a project that asked me to submit. I’m not doing into details, for fear of jinxing, and it’s such a weird little idea that I’m not getting my hopes up, but hey, it’d be cool, and since there would actually be a modicum of funding, I’d be able to work on Digger for money instead of whenever I have free time/the mood takes me. So we’ll see how that goes. Writing the outline was a bit exhausting, but even if the proposal falls flat, it’ll be nice to have.

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