Well, I was gonna post something yesterday about Loki’s return from the vet–they’re upping his dosage again, and he’s sulking and lethargic after having blood drawn eight times, but otherwise should be okay–but we lost power. Again.

We lost power night before last for about an hour, but it wasn’t bad, since it was light enough outside for twenty minutes for me to get “The Fool” inked, and then we went and saw “Terminator 3” which was an solid example of the Terminator type. Much car chasing and crashing and exploding and shooting. Many obligatory terminator-on-the-roof scenes, continued attempts to stop the end of the world, all that good stuff. Hating time travel as I do, I really like how they do it in the Terminator universe. “Paradox? What paradox? We don’t need no stinkin’ causality loops!” You go back in time, feel free to make any changes you like. With a shotgun. It’s balm for the time-travel-weary soul.

My one complaint–skip this paragraph if you hate spoilers–was that at one point, they foil the evil Terminatrix by turning on a particle accellerator which generates a gigantic magnetic field that sucks her metal cleavage into the wall and eventually melts her, while the hero and heroine stand around gawking. And I watch this going “What, none of you have fillings? Nobody’s got any change in their pocket, or metal zippers on their pants?” Oh, well.

So anyway, we got back from that, the power was back on, everything was hunky-dory. Then last night, round 8 ‘o clock, a huge monsoon came in just as I was about to start work on the Page of Wands card, the power flickers a few times, then goes the way of the dodo. So we light some candles and wait.

And wait. And wait. And finally go to bed, with most of the night lost to workin’. Sometime in the hot, muggy, disgusting night, the power came back on. Evidentally I sat up, whacked James, and said “The power’s on!” so he went around turning on lights and resetting the server and all that. I remember none of this. All I know is that today I got waaaaay too much to do, since we leave for Trinoc tomorrow morning.

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