Still arting.

Must art.

I’m definitely getting really punchy now, trying to come up with stuff for the Trinoc show–for some reason, little watercolors of wombat-themed tarot seem like a brilliant idea, and so I’m scribbling out roughs, based mostly on the ‘ol Rider-Waite deck. The best so far is the wombat Fool, accompanied by the Mystical Lungfish. (The symbolism of the lungfish, of course, is readily apparent to any Secret Master of the Golden Dawn, and the rest of you shouldn’t be mucking about with Mystic Lungfish anyway. You could put an eye out.) The wombat hermit is also not without it’s charm. If I get tired of wombats, there’s always other beasties. Sheep. Numbats. Capybara. Dragons. I dunno.

Will it sell? Probably not. But you never know. Weirder things have happened. And at this point, I’ll be happy just to fill boards.

Did cook up this acrylic of a Frog Plover which will go in the show as well. If I get seriously motivated, I may try to do the Gryf-frog, but I’ve already got two frogs, and I should probably have some variety. Oh, and in case anyone missed it, a href=””>Two Little Grindylows inspired in equal parts by Harry Potter and “The Scar.” They’re anthroviperfish. Because viperfish are cool.

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