Taking Loki-butt into the vet tomorrow morning–they don’t take appointments Sunday, but the vet wants to run another blood glucose test to see what’s up. I’m trying not to freak out–I realize that of course, it’s early in the treatment, there’s fine tuning, and since he IS being treated, he’ll be just fine. I know all this. Unfortunately, the frission between what I know, and what my gut believes, is significant. Which makes me bitchy–I’m a rational being, fer cryin’ out loud, this is baseless anxiety and I should not be prey to it–and then the opposing side weighs in with it’s-perfectly-normal-to-worry-about-your-feline-buddy, and by the time the two sides are done fighting it out in the arena of my brain, I’m down half a pack of Tums and a day where I achieved pretty much nada, unless you count playing Gothic, where I’ve gotten to level 5 and done a number of subquests.

In guilt at my failure to do any real work, I slapped a little virtual paint on this thing that may or may not be done for Anthrocon…a shamelessly pandering piece with the three Furry R’s–Romance, Realism, and Red foxes. However, it also has thick vegetation and Pre-Raphaelite marble, which are two textures that provide a great deal of redeeming value in my mind. Viva la marble!

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