Loki’s glucose was really high this morning.

It’s been pretty high all along, since we just started the insulin, but it’s been a week now, and it’s…pretty dang high. Damn.

He seems perfectly healthy otherwise–it would take some serious drugs to make him frisky, but he’s at least cheerful–and he displays none of the signs of a too-high glucose level–no wobbling, no twitching, and he’s pretty alert for a cat in a coma. I called the vet, got the voice mail, left a message. She said that she wanted to know if his glucose was high, not “If his glucose is higher than this, for the love of God, get help!” so I’m just gonna keep an eye on it. No ketones, though, which are toxins forming if the sugar’s breaking down wrong, so that’s a good sign. I know the first few weeks are a fairly key adjustment period, so it’s likely that he just needs a higher dose or something. Fun, fun…

My stepmother’s gonna be watching him while we’re at Anthrocon, for which I’m excessively grateful. I assured her that if, god forbid, Loki leaves this mortal coil in my absence (the great fear of all pet-sitters) that while I’d be sad, I wouldn’t blame her for it, and she need not run out and try to find an identical obese black diabetic cat. ‘Cos if I was watching a less than healthy beast like Loki, I know that’d be my great fear.

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