Matted a bunch of pieces today…still got three to cut mats for, but I’m mostly on top of it. I have just enough to fill my space at Anthrocon. Realized that if I sell all my art at Anthrocon (unlikely, but possible) I will be up a proverbial creek at Trinoc, where I will have maybe four pieces to fit in something like sixteen square feet of space. Considered this. Shrugged. The odds of my selling everything at Anthrocon are slim, and if I need to go into Psycho Death Original Creating mode for the week and a half window I have open between the two, I’m prepared to do it. I can paint frogs until I have an aneurysm. It’s how I’d want to go.

Went into the art supply store to get mats cut for two of my oversize limited edition prints–I could do it myself, but it’s a royal pain in the ass since they’re so large, and so long as I don’t do it for all the art, it doesn’t cut too badly into my profit margin. Both had nudity–one was the Caliban with the two lesbian deer, one of the last prints of which will be at Anthrocon. Many people balk at bringing nekkid deer women to the attention of print shops and matting stores, but fortunately, I was born with a defective sense of shame. As is usual in these cases, the person behind the counter (who was terribly impressed that this was all done digitally) simply said “Well, that’s unique…” thereby confirming that he’s never heard of furries, to no one’s great surprise. I got a helluva chuckle when he motioned over his female co-worker, though.

“That one has horns,” she said.
“Some female deer have horns. It’s rare, but it happens.”
“Oh. I get the subtext,” she said, and wandered off.

I scratched my head and thought “Subtext? They’re two lesbian deer cuddling. That’s not the subtext, that’s the WHOLE text!”

It’s a wacky world out there.

Still running off prints, since what I learned at Furfest was “Don’t bring a dozen of a couple images, bring a couple of a dozen images,” so I’m packing a few of practically everything so that this time, when someone comes up and says “Do you have the plague rat!?” I can say “Yes!” instead of “…I didn’t think anyone would want the plague rat…” My print books are gonna take a year to go through, but meh. I’ll have a couple, so hopefully no waiting.

Speaking of Calibans, in case anyone’s not getting to Anthrocon and wants to buy some naked animal women art, I’m running a last few auctions before the Cons. (I don’t know why I keep trying to auction off the Gila monster–I’ve sold what, two of those? Nobody loves a Gila monster pin-up. But what’s not to love!? They have blue tongues. And they’re poisonous! What more can you possibly want in a sexy reptile?)

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