I…have injected the cat.

I feel so proud. (Okay, it’s a small victory over the forces of the cosmos, but damnit! I was scared!)

Actually it was really easy–they had me injecting him with saline at the vet a few times to get the hang of it, and Loki is, they tell me, an excellent cat to treat because his inertia is so vast. Loki is, in fact, practically an object lesson in Newtonian physics–when he’s at rest, he stays at rest. To be honest, I don’t think he even noticed what was happening–someone was petting him, and this is far more important in Loki’s universe than any random happenings across the vast distances that seperate his head from his hind end. And anyway, the insulin needles are extremely sharp and extremely fine, so there can’t be much pain. I think it’ll probably become old hat really quick. Of far more annoyance will be the every-other-day urine testing for a coupla weeks, which will require a seperate litter box with aquarium gravel and frequent incarcerations of Loki in the bathroom.

In other, rather unrelated news, I glanced through my DeviantArt gallery today, and realized I’ve been there for just over a year. I have 180 images up. Of those images, taking out a couple of photos and 17 pre-existing pieces, that’s about 160 images. All of which I did in the past year. And, for example, there’s none of the dozen or so Calibans up, nor many commissions, which I usually wind up not posting, and none of the professional work I’ve done. Instead, there’s a crapload of comics, all of which I evidentally did in the past year alone. (Oh, so THAT’s where my social life went…) I find it hard to believe that it’s only been a year since I doodled a small, hostile mammal standing on a skull yelling “For god’s sake, Bob, it has a brain the size of a walnut!” but there you are–sometimes time flies, and sometimes, it seems to have flown when it really hasn’t. Makes me wonder what the heck I’ll be doing a year from now…

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