In the interests of not jinxing things, no names shall be revealed, but the contact guy at a really really big book publisher checked out my portfolio today, said some very nice things, mentioned past projects that would have suited me, and said he’d keep an eye out for a project for me coming up.

Which may or may not bear fruit, but is significantly better than a poke in the eye with a sharp squid any day, and made me feel warm and fuzzy. If it actually pans out, it’d be…well, it’d be damn cool. And even if it doesn’t, at least I know I can send portfolios to that level of art director and not get laughed outta the room.

That was definitely the high point of my day, which has otherwise been a stressful flurry of finishing up one thing, trying to rough in another, calling up the company that financed my car loan to say “Hey, it’s been a month and some change, and a bill would be nice!” only to learn that their bills had all been returned to them, but for some reason they didn’t see fit to call to double-check my adress (which I’ve called ’em twice to verify, and which has only gotten successively-more-not-my-address with each call) Having been assured that it is Their Fault and I will not be in any way delinquent or my credit abused, I am reassured, but only just.

Sometime this week I gotta mat all my crap for Anthrocon. I don’t want to. I hate matting. But I need to. (I am tempted to just do All Future Work at exactly pre-cut mat sizes, to save myself the misery, but it doesn’t do me any good now, since I’ve got a half-dozen 10 x 14’s that don’t fit any pre-cut size.) I also don’t know how the heck I’m gonna get these out there–pack them in some kind of Indestructable UberBox I suppose, and pray that the baggage handlers don’t destroy it. Art is, regrettably, the wrong shape for carry-on, and my single carry-on item is gonna be used moving the printer. If I knew anyone who lived in Philadelphia, I’d just ship it to them–I may call the hotel tomorrow and see if they’ll hold a package for a guest, and for how long. So, if anybody has any advice on how to get art, merchandise, etc, out to the convention, via plane, I’m open to suggestions.

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