A new Digger! The layout on this one is sort’ve a tribute to Bone, which will forever have a warm place in my heart for showing me that black and white comics don’t have to suck.

You think I’d’a known that already.

After all the great suggestions, and sleeping on it for awhile, the overarching plot for “Digger” is still pretty vague, but I have a few evil notions…we’ll see if it goes long enough for those to come into play. I’m clear for a few more pages at least, and that’s the important thing.

I picked up a compendium of some Usagi Yojimbo t’other day, and read it. It’s interesting. The plots aren’t half bad, and it has that whole samurai feel goin’ on, which I’m a sucker for. Some of the stylization on the art leaves me bemused, like the gasping skull exclamations whenever anyone dies, but I am too lowly a little trilobyte to presume to judge such a nifty work. I just wish I could figure out what some of those animals are…

In other news, James was attacked by a hummingbird today. He said it came up to about two feet away, and just as he was getting into the communion with nature god-hummingbirds-are-cool groove, it went for his eyes. (I didn’t witness this.) It was probably just confused, or thought his nose was a flower or something, but he surrendered the porch to the attack avian anyway. It was mostly grayish with a yellow throat, he says. For no apparent reason this made me think “How do hummingbirds feed their babies? Do they regurgitate nectar down those long beaks? How do they shove their beaks down the baby’s throat without impaling the spleen?”

Puzzling stuff.

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