Having just discovered that I’m broker than I thought–to the point where I may have a hard time getting out to Anthrocon–I’m gonna start putting up auctions–I’m unlikely to make enough to make it smooth sailing, but it never hurts to try! I’ve got tons of sketches lying around, some of which might be of interest to some people. For example, all that original “Irrational Fears” art is still kicking around–none of it in pages, alas, but contained in a few sketchbooks. Still not sure how, if at all, I should attempt to sell those.

However, I do have the original “Gothbat” sketches loose, and thus have put one up for auction, if anyone’s interested in a little bit of weird goth comic history.

I also have a slew of old sketchbooks lying around, but given that I mostly do weirdly scribbled thumbnails, I am unsure how much interest there might be. Possibly in a few days I will attempt to find out. Meanwhile, of course, there’s always commissions. The problem, of course, is that my recent month of downtime was a huge break in my flow of sales, so it’s taking a while to get back up to speed again.

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