So we bought a car, after a few days of wandering around being traumatized by salesmen…one place had us assaulted by some kind of skinheaded attack salescommando as we tried to leave, who got us cornered in the car, demanding to know why we weren’t buying a car, and what he had to do to “earn our business.” It took a minute or two of frantic smiling and nodding before he let go of the car and James could throw it in reverse. The whole thing was startling, but provided us with no end to amusement imitating it afterwards. “I will earn your business if I have to sodomize you with the giant devil weenus of trust!” as James put it. (He has a certain gift for expression.)

But anyway, that aside, we finally wound up with a reasonably priced little Nissan Altima, in significantly better shape than the late Honda, and our first car payment, having paid cash for the last one. Oh, well. Adulthood had to hit sooner or later, I suppose.

The nice thing about finally buying another car is that we can get back to unpacking, which was rather curtailed for a few days there. So today we got most of the art hung, my computer mostly set up, most of the studio unpacked, clothes hung, etc. Soon, I will be able to make more art! It’s about time! The muse is twitchy! The bills are mounting! Momma needs a new pair of hiking sandals! So…yeah. Soon!

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