One of the unpleasant things about moving is that you have to go through mountains of crap that you don’t want, don’t need, never use, but for some reason, did not throw away. One of the pleasant things about moving is that occasionally, in all this crap, you find a gem and go “Woo!”

Among the happier discoveries for me have been a whole lot of art papers–big sheets of watercolor paper, an entire jumbo pad of bristol (Hot damn!) pieces of illo board cut to various sizes, etc. Having been forcibly kept from doing art for the last week or so, I am quite antsy to get down there and start painting. I wonder if a couple watercolors of Chu and Dusty, or of Gothbat, would sell at Anthrocon? I’ve never had a popular character thing before, so I dunno if that popularity translates into cash.

Some of the other discoveries have just been plain weird.

1 lava lamp (working)
3 back issues of “Hamster Vice” (my husband’s, oddly enough)
1 half-empty bag of vermiculite
2 “Adventures of Tin-Tin” (Again, my husband’s.)
1 crocheted green Christmas tree, with plug-in lights, about a foot high (I have no idea)
7 small plastic animals, all of which are extinct, including the Great Auk and European Lion
1 battered copy of “Flesh Gordon” (Husband’s.)
1 bank of shop lights
2 portfolios worth of crappy student art (mine)
Several volumes on how to teach yourself to play “Master of Puppets” on the guitar (Definitely husband’s.)
1 guitar (see above)
1 copy of the Anarchist’s Cookbook, which we’re keeping to prove that we were once subversive, or at least gullible
Approx 30lbs of crappy pottery from my student days, including 4 seperate tea pots, only one of which is cool
7 gloves, none of which match any of the others
10 gallon aquarium caked with salt

How we fit all this into our shoebox sized apartment is beyond me. I believe I may have access to an alternate dimension for storage, so long as I only store crap in it. Please note that I was the first to describe it, and when science finally documents it, I’d like it to be known as “Dimension U.” Thank you, and good night.

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