Okay, public service annoucement time…(again! Two in a week!)

The Baghdad Zoo is suffering about as much as you’d expect it to be, given the hunger and the chaos and the lack of people providing the daily, extensive care that zoo animals need in these troubled times. I realize we’re innundated with charities, and I also know that many of us have lethally mixed feelings about the war, but hopefully we can all agree that the zoo animals, at least, are completely blameless and need help. The association taking the money in this case is not a governmental one but one that runs zoos and aquariums.

Press Release and Address for Donations Here

I haven’t found a site that takes Paypal donations yet, but if anyone trips over one, feel free to post it below, since a lot of us have an easier time running charity auctions and so forth via Paypal. Thank you, and back to your regularly scheduled rants!

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