Started the takin painting–a lot like the camel, it’s an 18 x 24 acrylic, close-up of the head. A takin is about halfway between a musk-ox and a mountain goat. We’ll see how it comes out. (No one will buy it, but I don’t care!) Gotta plan a few more physical anthro pieces for Anthrocon. I’m torn between the desire to do something cheesy but saleable, like a tribal fox type, or to just stick to weird, on the principle that there will be PLENTY of tribal foxes, and people looking for new and unusual will find me eventually.

Harnessing the cats proceeds. Having found a suitable size harness for Loki–it’s adjustable so I can shrink the head and enlarge the girth to a pretty good fit–we put it on. He attempted to jump onto the table, lost control of his hindquarters, crashed, (James yelled “Black cat down!”) staggered two steps headlong into a desk, and sat down heavily. He wasn’t hurt, but looked appalled. The fact that his humans began roaring hysterically didn’t help, I’m sure. The harness seems to have severed some vital communication between front and back end–his front legs try to jump and his hind legs just don’t seem to care. I’ve checked it a dozen times and it’s not too tight, nor is it chafing his spine, but for some reason, he is now two seperate cats–Loki Front, and Loki Back. Communication between the two halves appear to be spotty at best. I’m sure after he wears it an hour or two a day for a few days, it’ll iron itself out, but for now, it’s tragicomic. Athena, meanwhile, still immediately goes immobile when we put her harness on. We can pick her up, cuddle her, pet her, whatever, and she purrs happily, but she will not walk a step with the thing on. And really, since this is training for travelling, I can’t say I mind that much.

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