Monthly Archives: March 2003

Feeling glum and malnourished, I went out for a bagel, and stopped at the Independant Intellectual Bookstore down the block. Generally I don’t go there, because I am not nearly cool or intellectual enough–this is a place for people who can really get into poetry written by tormented Korean sweatshop workers and who practice composting […]

Well, sent my husband off to San Jose for GDC this morning, so now I’m trying to pretend that the apartment does not feel empty. The problem is that since we both have worked at home for the last year or so, we’re REALLY used to each other’s company–fortunately we get along quite well, and […]

The discussion of religion, Christianity, and bad religious people earlier got me thinking. I know this one’s a hotbed, so I’ll try not to say anything too egregious. Or–well, no, I’ll wind up saying SOMETHING egregious, I’m me, after all, so I’ll start out by saying that if you’re a decent person, I don’t care […]

Random thought… For no apparent reason today, while putting the finishing touches on cyber-wraith and the big-haired demon wench, I remembered a weird episode of my childhood. Relax, I’m not about to reveal that I was ritually abused by Satanists who forced me to bite the heads off sloth babies or anything. (That’ll be another […]

Well, I feel all warm ‘n fuzzy. The guy who I work with on the Victoriana stuff–the steampunk game forthcoming soon, I think in May–e-mailed me to tell me that evidentally his distributer, Osseum Entertainment, is gonna be at the GAMA trade show, and they’re using the cover art for Victoriana as one of their […]

Another day, another doodle…unfortunately, I can’t share this one ’til after the sourcebook is published, but since it’s just a “money widget” (i.e. a slapdash spot illo of coins and bills for the “resources” part of character development) you’re not missing much. Started a black and white of a glyptodont, got the head mostly done, […]

Another surprisingly uneventful day–had Shadowrun, mucked about with some watercolors, and watched “Monty Python’s Meaning of Life” on the BBC, which contained way more nipples than I remember from the one they show during PBS pledge week. Momma. Did up a rough version of an illo of a cyber-Ringwraithy-thing fighting off a naked demon woman […]