Monthly Archives: March 2003

Shadowrun today…always a joy. I got to carve up a giant lamprey-worm on a dock in an underground cavern. This would have been more enjoyable if my samurai did not have a crippling fear of deep water, and so was attempting to dodge the giant phlegm balls the thing was spitting without coming anywhere near […]

My most recent commissioned piece, ‘Cerberus Music’ finally finished, at long last. And really, since all I’ve been doing lately is playing Sim City 4 (DAMN, they completely overhauled t’old system, and now all my old strategies are worthless!) and putzing around with Digger the wombat in an effort to work out this black and […]

Splurged and bought some books today, including a gorgeous one of African wildlife photos, hugely oversize, so that I can see every teeny little hair on the Thompson’s gazelle’s noggins. Delightful stuff. Also got “Demonic Males” which is a moderately famed book in anthropological circles, although rather dated these days (a mere decade later!) that […]

Been reading Jeff Smith’s “Bone” lately, which is charming and engaging and amusing and I’m enjoying it immensely, even though I usually prefer somewhat…um…grimmer fare. Also, it’s in black and white. This is going to sound incredibly stupid of me, but it never seriously occurred to me to do a comic in black and white […]

I get some weird fan mail occasionally. Most of the time when people write me, it’s fantastic, I’m flattered, and I make an effort to reply in a reasonably timely manner, but there’s some odd ones that slip through occasionally. I’m not actually sure what language this one originally hails from. “I Want You Can […]

I have such a great husband. He gets back from GDC, armed with a small financial token of esteem from his boss, now that they’re finally getting paid again (due to the occasionally sporadic nature of waiting-on-checks-from-publishers, we’ve been living on my freelancing income and savings for the last four months) I say, shocked, “We […]

Went to the M.I.A. yesterday (That’s a museum, not missing-in-action) with the guys from Shadowrun, who doubtless realized that I was bored and missing James. There’s a bunch of artifacts from the British Museum there at the moment, but the exhibit was sold out, so we made do with roaming through the collections from various […]

Note to Self: When missing significant other in the relatively late hours of the night, do not watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon even if it IS conveniently on cable and even if the swordfight in the armory scene is one of the coolest ever filmed and even if the Mongolian guy does have the most […]

And another thing…

It’s a truism that people who are most freaked out about the possibility of having their artwork stolen, to the point of the slathering of watermarks and the lengthy and dramatic threats of gross bodily harm to anyone looking/touching/breathing/thinking/wiggling/whatever–are the people least likely to need it. Heck, probably the number one cliche people mentioned over […]