Monthly Archives: March 2003

I had a dream last night that the house was overrun with wild boars, and I was having to wrangle the things or wrestle them whenever I needed to get a door open. Whew. Despite the fact that wild and/or feral pigs are dangerous, canny, clever, tricky beasts, lethal in a fight, protective of their […]

Shadowrun was good. Fought wraithy…things. Had my strength drained, broke away from combat an instant before death, was about to run to freedom, and then our poor, valiant, idiotic NPC mage lunged into the fray to fight the things, despite the fact that he is incapable of doing physical combat with anything much more dangerous […]

I wanna move. I wanna move so badly that I can practically feel it as a physical presence, like the onset of sinus pressure, making me restless and claustraphobic. I keep looking around this tiny shoebox of an apartment and going “How have I lived here for so long? How have I not gone blazingly […]

Blorg. Didn’t do much today. Should’ve been working, but I had about as much creative juice as a dessicated horned toad carcass, so I just flopped around and ordered some interesting scarves off e-bay. I don’t wear scarves, but I’m sure I can find something artsy to do with them. Failing that, I can always […]

War, war, war…it’s in the air, it’s starting or started or will start here shortly. My own opinion of the war is that Hussein is doubtless a bad dude, and should probably be removed, but that it would be nice, for once, to something with respect to the international community, not this half-assed cowboy diplomacy. […]

Finally, got the first five pages of “Digger” up. I feel obligated to put a caveat here. First of all, this is not replacing, delaying, or what-have-you “Conspiracy of Mammals” or “Irrational Fears.” Do not send me pointed e-mails, I beg of you. This is a style experiment. If I can get the megascribble worked […]

Well, I got sniped for a really cool goat skull, but I won two nifty little mini Barong masks for quite inexpensively, so I’m happy. (And if one believed in malign influences and the effectiveness of the effigies of ferocious Balinese folk heroes in defeating them, my living room will soon be malign influence proof! […]

Putzing around on E-bay…having finally gotten paid, I’m splurging a bit before returning to my normal frugality. Bid on a couple of snazzy masks, got outbid on a gorgeous one of Ganesha. I have a thing for Barong masks. It’s not quite a collection, with only four specimens at the moment, but I can see […]