Okay, I know that men are reading this thing occasionally, so I implore you…one of you, tell me the appeal.

What the heck is up with those pin-ups of women in nothing but high-heels? Why the heels? There’s a LOT of ’em, too.

Now, I have a weird hang-up in my pin-up drawing–I’ll blithely paint nudes without a care in the world, but I never put ’em in heels. Something about it makes me twitch, possibly that I would never wear the things myself unless I needed to be a few inches taller. The more die-hard feminists will tell us it’s a way of keeping women in symbolic crippling bondage, etc, but frankly I think that’s a little harsh–I have SERIOUS doubts that when a guy sees a nude woman in heels he’s thinking “Muhahah! She is so much more attractive because the tendons in her heels have atrophied and she can’t run away!” This does a disservice to men in general, who really aren’t like that. But I still don’t get it. Schoolgirls, sure, it’s weird but fundamentally comprehensible. But this?

What’s up with the heels? Does anyone know?

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