I think I’ll go to the zoo tomorrow. I have an itch for some life drawing. And if I do wind up moving to AZ, this’ll be my last chance for awhile to draw the takin.

While drawing at the zoo is sort’ve like being one of the animals–you’re definitely on display–I find people are remarkably friendly and complimentary. I feel like a stage magician or something…”And thus with a simple stroke of the pencil…behold the wombat!” I mean, not that I’d say anything like that, but it’s how people react. I know a lot of people get annoyed drawing at the zoo, but I always come away feeling cheerful and energized about how friendly everyone is. I think maybe since I’m completely steeped in art–it’s all I do, it’s most of what I talk about, it’s 99% of the places I hang out on-line–I’m always amazed at what a foreign world it is to a lot of people, and how enthusiastic they can be about the relatively simple process of hanging out and scribbling drawings of mountain goats. S’gratifying.

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