Well, I feel all warm ‘n fuzzy. The guy who I work with on the Victoriana stuff–the steampunk game forthcoming soon, I think in May–e-mailed me to tell me that evidentally his distributer, Osseum Entertainment, is gonna be at the GAMA trade show, and they’re using the cover art for Victoriana as one of their three big advertising panels.

Cover art which I did!

I know very little about Osseum, but dude tells me that they represent upwards of twenty RPG companies, and they’re only doing the three panels to advertise. Looking at some of the other cover art on their website, some of it’s quite good, so I feel quite proud that they went with ours as part of their display. No idea whether this will mean more work for me in the long run, but hey, it was a nice ego gratification to wake up to. At the very least, I hope it’ll drum up interest in Victoriana, which is a great milieu and deserves to go far.

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