Whew, busy day! Well, the art challenge seems to be garnering a lot of response…we’ll see if people still enjoy participating when we get a little more technical, but I think a silly start-off is a good thing. Maybe I can alternate style vs. theme challenges, since theme is usually more general fun. We’ll see.

In other news, a very straightforward day spent painting Cerberus for a commission. He’s lookin’ groovy so far, I’m pleased. And while it kept me very busy, there is just not much more to say other than that–didn’t have any deep thoughts today to inflict upon y’all, since I was too busy trying to get broken instruments painted correctly. I mean, y’think about it–Cerberus can’t be that stupid. After a few millenia, he’s gonna notice that every time someone comes up to him they start tootling on an instrument, and he falls asleep and then Hades hits him in the noses with a rolled up newspaper. Sooner or later, the smartest of the heads is gonna start attacking anything that even remotely resembles a musical instrument, and pretty soon the ground’ll be littered with deflated bagpipes and busted mandolins. And skulls, of course. And femurs. Femurs are the easiest to paint.

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