Another day, another…well, actually nobody’s paid me recently, so it’s not another dollar, but hopefully that will be rectified in the next few weeks, before I have to sell the cat’s organs on the black market. Played around with some Real Media, in the form of acrylic and casein, to try to duplicate my black and white digital fun. Let’s just say that was a Valuable Learning Experience. Now let us never speak of it again.

No cloud without a silver lining, however…started work on another (predictably monochrome) digital piece of a red brocket deer while waiting for the crap to dry. While hooves are always a pain, it has charm. I’m sort’ve torn–I’m much better with digital media than with real media. About the only reason that I do anything in real media anymore is, sadly, for the money–I can hock originals for a lot more, and I still hold out hope of doing art shows at Cons. Mmmph. There’s one or two physical pieces that I’m proud of, but a hundred times more digital stuff. Possibly I should just limit myself to real media frogs, as they seem to be the only things that I’m ever really pleased with. Once in a blue moon, I get an itch to play with watercolor or acrylic, but s’rare. Oh, well. The single Con I’ve been to, I made (literally) ten times as much on prints as on the show, so possibly I just shouldn’t worry about churning out physical originals for cash, or limit my show offerings to frogs and oversize LE prints or something.

Also, I somewhat sheepishly offer–the latest Irrational Fears. I made the mistake of listing this as “the penultimate “Monster Under The Bed” page” on most of the archives. Sadly, it appears a chunk of my readership isn’t familiar with the word “penultimate” (next to last) and now thinks this is the last page, and that I simply ended it weirdly. Oh, well…it’ll sort itself out in the wash…

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