Ursula is an unhappy little squid today.

It appears that some unscrupulous individual–possibly with a skin condition–has acquired my debit card information, and ran up nearly two hundred bucks worth of debt on my account on–this is the peculiar bit–skin care products.

Fortunately–and the reason that I am merely a somewhat pissed off squid and not a frothing-at-the-mouth, killing-people-in-a-homicidal-fury squid–the nice people over at Wells Fargo said “WTF? This doesn’t look like something this cardholder does,” fraud protection kicked in, and they sent me a note saying “Whazzup wi’ dat?” Since I had no idea where these places were that I’d been supposedly buying from–she had to call them and ask what they sold–we quickly figured out that I’d been defrauded, cancelled the card, and they’re mailing me the neccessary claim forms to get my money back. Also fortunately, I had enough money in savings to make up the balance on the rent (and quick checking indicates that they did not, for example, drain my accounts dry.) Otherwise this would be a very bad day indeed.

Thank god for fraud prevention and what is presumably their tracking software–while I don’t like the fact the bank keeps track of my preferences and probably sells this information for all I know, I am very glad today that they did. Bless your privacy invadin’ little hearts, Wells-Fargo!

What miffs me most is–skin care products? C’mon. If someone had charged car repairs or food or medication or something, I would still be mad, but I would at least go “Yeah, well, I see why they did it.” Running up two hundred bucks in hand lotion, however, makes Ursula feel all mean and vindictive. I mean, it’s not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, but sheesh! They better have lupus or leprosy or something, damnit.

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