My brain has officially melted.

I have hit some kind’ve art groove with this black and white stuff–a combination of delight at a new technique and what I am starting to suspect is another manifestation of my rare Creative PMS. I wish I could tap that stuff reliably, instead of as a potluck somewhere between Bitchy, Weepy, and Generally Maudlin. The end result is that all I’ve done all weekend is scribble like a psycho. I feel like I’m surfing some kind of hormonal art wave, and in about five minutes, it’s going to dash me onto sharp pointy rocks, bruised, battered, and artistically drained, possibly with a jellyfish on my head.

On the bright side, now when I get clients asking about black and white work, I don’t have to go “Well, I mostly work in color…” My phobia of monochrome hath ended! However, I still can’t get over how fast the black and white stuff goes, particularly since I’m not inking an existing line drawing, but just sort’ve mega-scribbling–these start with blobs and wireframes and get refined from there. I wish there was some way to achieve the same thing with real media–altering India ink and white out, maybe–but I’m still half convinced the paper would disintegrate. Anybody know anything about white ink? Does it cover well, or no?

Anyway, in case anyone wants to see these spasms of a crazed brain–all anthro stuff so far–here we have ’em. They’ve got a sort’ve woodcut look that I’m diggin’, although I have no idea whether it’ll sell, and being an art mercenary, that’s never too far from my mind. *grin*

Raj and Rajah
Zen Badger
Koala Sentry (colored)

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