On the snowy back step of my apartment at the moment, there are two things. One is a rather large pile of dog turds.

The other, for reasons I can’t even begin to guess, is a scattering of magnetic poetry flung free-form across the concrete, snow, and dog turds. It would be lovely if they formed some kind of sweeping lyrical statement, but in fact it’s just nonsensical, although I confess, I wasn’t getting too close to the pile to see if there were any poetic gems hidden therein.


In other news, I’ve been playing around with black and white lineart in Painter, following a random seizing of inspiration yesterday on a game illo, which came out way better than it had a right to. Have produced a couple of vaguely interesting things. I’m struck more than anything else by how fast and easy this sort of thing is–I use only two colors, black and white, and the scratchboard tool, and if something’s not quite right, I just scribble it out and try again. It’s the sort of thing that can only be done digitally, since paper would eventually dissolve under such abuse, but it’s kinda neat. I’ll have to try some soft color washes to go with ’em later, but since I never do black and white illos, I’m trying to do some to prove to myself that hey! It’s not that hard! I don’t need color as my crutch, damnit!

The Caterpillar and the Hookah (Better known as “Dave’s not heeere, man…”
Body Piercing This is at DeviantART, and is also rather disturbing, so be warned. Nipples AND a crappy interface! Aiii!

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