Watched State of the Union address. Stomped around the house a bit. Screamed a little. Calmed down. Wondered what the hell the big deal is with partial dilation and extraction abortions. Why is this such a bee in everyone’s bonnet? They’re incredibly rare–less than 0.2 percent of abortions done in this country–doctors hate doing them, and it’s hardly as if women are using them as a form of birth control–they’re only in cases of extreme health risks or massive fetal deformity. Make them only for medical reasons, and just as many will get performed, ‘cos that’s the only reason they’re being done anyway.

Proceeding as I usually do on the assumption that politicians are Not Stupid, and have no moral principle stronger than re-election, I gotta wonder what the hell’s up with this. I mean, these guys aren’t dumb. They have to know this is a really rare procedure being done only in extremity. Why is there such a ruckus? Is it solely a staging ground to launch an assault on Roe vs. Wade, or is it just a bone to throw to the pro-lifers to keep from alienating their chunk of the vote, without coming out against all abortion (which polls would indicate, the majority of Americans think should be available.) What’s the motivation to keep harping on this stupidly minor little procedure that nobody gives a rat’s ass about except fanatics on both sides?

That bit ‘o paranoia aside, I did another painting. It started as a woman with laced nails up her back, but she looked like a giant pink Doc Marten, so I went other ways. Sometimes, I paint just to appease my brain…

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