Strange bedfellows

I watch Adult Swim on the cartoon network with great joy. But I’ve noticed that they keep playing Christian rock commercials in the middle of it.

This has me baffled.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that if you’re a devotee of “Inuyasha” following the adventures of a half-demon, or the unpronounceable show that follows which presents the lord of the afterlife as a vaguely crazed toddler, to say nothing of such twisted fare as “Sealab 2021” or “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” then you are probably not a big fan of Christian rock. The overlap between people who like “Cowboy Bebop” and “Lupin the Third” and people who go to concerts to sway ecstatically can’t be large. This does not seem to be good product placement to me. I’m not saying that fans of Adult Swim are godless weirdos (although I definitely am) but still, you’d think there were much better places to jam a Christian rock advertisement.

Also, my hearing is going. I swear to god one of the songs they’re advertising is “Please Make Me Black” (They claim it’s “He Has Made Me Glad” but I know what I heard.) Then again, despite being only twenty-five, my hearings been shot for awhile. I swear I heard a Campbell’s soup commercial inform me “Grandma’s hung like a polar bear” a few weeks back. P’raps it’s time to invest in a hearing aid.

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