I realize that in the grand scheme of things, this is nowhere near as important as, fer example, impending war with the Axis Of Pretty Bad But Really More Desperate, And Anyway, You’re One To Talk, but nevertheless this article struck me for the pure irony of it all. I mean, I can understand the desire of large companies to make scads of money off their creations, but were I one of the writers for the X-Men, I’d be mildly upset at my own company undermining the whole basic premise of the story just to get a price cut on shipping more action figures. And hell, if we’re basing humanity on proportion and build, then no way Barbie’s human. She’d be dead of malnutrition, not driving around in the Malibu Dream SUV, to say nothing of the lack of genitals.

Really, not that earthshaking. But still kinda sad. To say nothing of the idiocy inherent in taking up a judge’s time (probably at taxpayer expense) to rule on the humanity of small pieces of plastic merely because dolls and toys are tarriffed at different rates.

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