Played Shadowrun for most of the afternoon. Today was the day of Weird Noncombatant NPCs. It’s a sad state of affairs that my samurai, who can butcher her way through an army with a smile on her face and a song in her heart, can be utterly derailed by a cook who refuses to take her seriously and tells her that dinner won’t be ready for an hour, so quit waving that sword around. And, on the bright side, I got all the sketches done for the rest of the Underbed story arc of “Irrational Fears.” Three more pages to go, all of which are drawn. The end is in sight! Meanwhile, I’m watching Steve Irwin, the Croc Hunter guy, enthusiastically fling himself onto a gigantic crocodile that obviously wants nothing more than to eat him. I gotta say, the guy’s grown on me. I used to just think he was a lunatic, but after watching a half dozen shows, (primarily in hopes of seeing something take a chunk out of him) there’s a certain charm. I think it’s the sheer enthusiasm. You gotta admire anyone who so obviously passionately loves all these animals that equally obviously would like to kill/maim/trample/bite/maul him. Not to mention the running commentary. Who else, attempting to determine the sex of an angry tree kangaroo, would say “Oh! She doesn’t like us looking at her little girly bits, I guess.” At the moment, there appears to be a crocodile at the bottom of a dog-pile of about twenty guys in khaki. I get the impression that the crocodile is winning. God, I love Animal Planet.

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