Generally uneventful…fiddled with some sketches this morning (I’m trying to sketch more, even just quick little warm-up doodles in Painter, but have not made this a resolution, on the principle that I know I will eventually stop doing it.) Fixed up website for James’s Mom. Watching this show on Animal Planet on future evolution–I think it’s based on Dougal Dixon’s fantastic “After Man” stuff, a book I discovered in high school, and which I wish to god I’d thought of first. Working on manticore chick.

Frightened by article as child. Fear them since.

Put a commission auction up on Furbid, as I have a feeling money will be getting tight in the next few months–I’m not yet in the Valley of the Shadow of Broke, but I’m coming up on the turnoff–and I’ve somehow acquired a brief breathing space on work (by which I mean there’s only like three things slated this month that Absolutely Positively Must Be Done Right Now, which for me is practically free and clear.) Check it out, if you’re so inclined. On the bright side, since my entire commercially successful career as an artist has occurred in the last two years (i.e. since we entered an economic recession) I guess that bodes well if we ever come out it. And hey, sure as hell beats Burger King.

These digging quail are too bizarre.

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