It’s a good morning. Got a new comic up, there’s a Samurai Jack marathon on (I love Samurai Jack…it’s so…so…charmingly bushido. And visually nifty, as well–even though it’s really simplified, it’s so well put together that it works very well.) Plus “Justice League” was on this morning, featuring a nifty female samurai villain, so it’s been a good cartoon morning all around. I think I’m just a sucker for samurai. My creative restlessness has settled into something a bit more potentially productive, my reading material is teaching me strange and thought-provoking things about caregiving in hanuman langurs (I would be a very bad langur) which will eventually explode, probably here, into a tirade about how the problem isn’t that teens are having sex, it’s that they’re so damn well fed. (I am not proposing that we starve teenagers, mind you, but–well, anyway, wait for it. The rant is percolating.)

Also had a dream last night where there was an alien in the house–one of those annoying take-over-your-body-and-make-slimy-tentacles-explode-from-your-mouth kind. That wasn’t the bad part. The bad part was that we’d also gotten this dreadfully eighties hero–sort’ve a scruffy Mad Max type, only with a guitar, who kept telling me that the key to defeating the alien was rock ‘n roll. Even in my dream I wasn’t buying this, and kept suggesting we try napalm. Sometimes I think my subconscious mind just likes toying with me.

Oh, and almost forgot–found this while wandering idily through the VCL recents. Go check out her work! Very cool stuff. (Just get used to random plugs of people’s art–I generally don’t know any of these people, but I feel it’s my public duty to point people in the direction of really nifty stuff I find.)

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