Another uneventful day…new comic up, at least. Other than that, just general putzing. Did some sketches for the Victoriana steampunk game that I’ve been doing art for–those are always fun. (I mean, hey, who doesn’t like painting musclebound demons and eyeballs in jars?) Fretted over cat. I had vowed that this will be the last time that the emissions of another being’s rear end are of deep concern to me, thereby once again ruling out any possibility of having children. I’ve noticed that I keep getting vehement about my desire not to have children, which is probably indictive of some kind of nagging pressure that I’m feeling. Except that nobody’s putting any pressure on me–even my mother’s given up and started referring to my cats as her grandchildren. Although frankly I’ve always thought it’s a little weird when people do that. One of the women I worked with at the vet used to always say “Oh, so you’re [insert pet name]’s mom!” to the owners. I always had a vague urge to follow this up with “Funny, you don’t look like a spaniel…” but figured it wouldn’t be polite. Worked on Great Unfinished Samurai Novel. G.U.S.N. has blood-drinking hummingbirds. (Hey, everybody loves a blood-drinking hummingbird.) Knowing what I know now about vampire bats, I have a terrible urge to work out the constantly urinating bit, but somehow, I think it would kill the magic. ‘Sides, I know in my heart of hearts that a vampire hummingbird is ridiculous. They’d starve to death. Blood’s not nearly an efficient enough food to power those little wings, and they’d need complicated (and hence heavier) little digestive tracts. But damnit! It’s my Great Unfinished Samurai Novel, and I can have blood-drinking hummingirds if I want to!

Mmmm…Adult Swim….

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